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Pinnacle guarantees that you will have a relaxed and professional experience!

Pinnacle's instructors are highly experienced and they can recognise any weaknesses you might have in your driving skills, making it easy for them to develop effective training strategies that will turn you into in an expert driver. Additionally, their experience allows them to effectively determine what the best approach is for your particular learning style ensuring that you will never be stressed and you can learn at your own pace. Pinnacle guarantees that you will have the best driving experience of your life!



Teaching people how to drive can be a difficult process. For some parents, they feel a lack of control, which can result in a high-stress atmosphere causing confusion and unwanted arguments. Well, your fears are well founded. However, connecting with a teen can be difficult and many instructors resort to yelling at their students, which results in a high-stress atmosphere with the child becoming confused.
Well, there’s no need to worry anymore because…

…Pinnacle provides flexible scheduling as well as a pick up and drop off service so that schedule conflicts and rushing around are a thing of the past…
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