Driving Lessons

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A step-by-step assessment of everything you need to get your licence without ever having to sit a driving test. Our instructor will teach you and assess your progress as you go.

You’ll start with the basics, like ignition, then move to the elements of controlling your car, steering, indicating and braking. The Log Book is used for training and continual assessment of 23 competencies that is completed by our Accredited Driving Instructors.

Competency based training and assessment not only provides learners the opportunity to complete a structured training program, it is a comprehensive training system that covers all the issues of good driving behaviours.

The duration of the system differs from driver to driver, but we have packages designed to suit.


Service Auto
1hr New Student Special (Save $10) $80
1hr Driving Lesson $90
2hr Driving Lesson $180
Refresher Pack (4 x 1hr Lessons) $336
5 Hour Pack (5 x 1hr Lessons) $420
Wheels Pack (6 x 1hr Lessons) $504
Ultimate Pack ( 11 x 1hr Lessons) $895

To understand the Competency Based Training and Assessment requirements in more detail, please visit Competency Log Book Requirements on the Access Canberra website or Contact our friendly staff for a booking.

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