Getting Your NSW L's

NSW licence Holders

TThis system is a little different to the ACT. To get your learners licence you must:

  • Be 16 years of age
  • Have a residential address in NSW
  • Pass a Driver Knowledge Test at Service NSW (Touch screen computer based test)
  • Prove Your identity
  • Pass an eye test

You must hold your learners for at least 12 months and complete at least 120 hours of driving practice, including 20 hours night driving. You must also complete the Hazard Perception Test before you can book the NSW Driving Test to obtain your P's.

If you hold a NSW licence and want to get your licence, we at Pinnacle can assist you. We have NSW accredited instructors that can teach and enhance your driving techniques, assist you reach your 120 supervised hours. Learner drivers who complete a one hour structured driving lesson with a fully licensed driving instructor can record three hours driving experience in their Learner Driver Log Book. A maximum of 10 hours of lessons will be accepted and recorded as 30 hours driving experience in the Learner Driver Log Book. These structured lessons must be recorded in the Structured Lesson Record Keeper log book insert in order to be recognised.

Special Rules for NSW Learner’s:

  • Be supervised at all times by the holder of a full Australian driver licence.
  • Have L plates displayed conspicuously at the front and rear exterior of the car (or an L signon the roof) when driving. The letter L on the plate must not be hidden.
  • Observe a maximum speed limit of 90 km/h.
  • Not tow any other vehicle.
  • Not exceed zero blood alcohol concentration (this means you cannot drink before driving). Itis also illegal to drive under the influence of drugs.
  • Not supervise another learner driver.

Exemptions from holding a learner log book:

  • Drivers who have previously held a NSW or interstate drivers licence other than a learnerlicence.
  • Drivers who apply for a learner licence and have previously held an overseas licence otherthan a learner licence.
  • Holders of an overseas licence, other than a learner licence, who are issued with a learnerlicence after failing one Driving Test.
  • Drivers specifically exempted by Roads and Maritime Services.
  • Drivers over 25 years old.

Fore more information about NSW Learner Licences please visit the NSW Transport Roads &Maritime.

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